Mounting Hardware

Standard hardware package included with every order consists of four solid brass Angle Clips with screws. This simple hardware system will allow any of our wall-mounted signs to be installed, invisibly, with just a screwdriver. 

This is the hardware you will receive with your order unless you specify one of the other options listed further down the page.

Go to our Mounting Instructions Page to see a photo essay on using this angle clip mounting method.

There are two optional hardware provisions available by special request - screws through the face, and hanging eyes. We will be happy to substitute these hardware configurations if you state it in the "Comments" field of the order form. More details:

Screws Through The Face:
There are times when a screw right through the face is the simplest and most direct way to attach your sign. In that case, we will provide two long galvanized screws and a pair of snap-on screw head covers, making an attractive finished and rustproof installation.

Screw Eyes (for hanging):
This will be the way to go for signs that are going to hang off an existing bracket. Two will be provided in stainless steel. They will require drilled pilot holes prior to installation to avoid splitting out the wood. If you would like this setup, please specify it in the "Comments" field of the prder form. If you know the final spacing desired, we would be happy to install them for you, otherwise they will be provided loose in the package with your shipped sign.

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