The first and foremost legal notice we make is that ALL purchases are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Because of our in depth layout approval and confirmation process, the sign you receive will be exactly as represented. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with other aspects of the sign you receive, (if your sign were to arrive damaged or have some blemish that escaped our quality control), simply bring it to our attention for a speedy resolution. will take whatever steps are necessary to correct the problem to your satisfaction, quickly, and at our cost.

There are two things that are inherent to the nature of a hand made item such as these that are somewhat excluded from the blanket guarantee. They are covered in depth on the More Info page. We don't consider these two things to be objectionable in any way, but necessary and even desirable features that enhance the hand-made appeal of the signs;
Chisel marks inside the letters.
Brush strokes on the background surfaces.

Orders placed on this site are binding legal contracts and non-cancelable once we've carved your message into a sign. You can change your mind about any part of your order as many times as you need to, or even cancel the order altogether, up to the time of the final approval confirmation. We know unexpected things come up sometimes - and we want to work with you in every way possible to make this a pleasant buying special circumstances, we may even be able to extend the cancellation window a little past the final approval, But once the chisel hits the wood, you own it.

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If you have any questions about the site or the products, please email us for a quick reply. is a division of The Modern Woodwright on beautiful Cape Cod.
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