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Here are some of the common questions we get asked. If you don't see an answer to your question here, feel free to email us for a rapid response. Thanks!

When I purchase a sign, how do I tell what it's going to look like?

click to see larger imageALL sales are followed up with a precise color layout image for you to proofread and approve before any work is done. Your "proof" image is typically generated in two business days. We prefer to send these images via email, but if needed, a color inkjet proof can be mailed to you. Click here to see a sample approval.

How long does it take to receive my sign?

We want to make this as rapid as possible, but remember you are dealing with a totally custom, made-from-scratch product. From the time you acknowledge acceptance of your proof, production is geared for a three week turnaround. Some could be finished quicker, but it depends on some factors like whether you are opting for gold leaf (which adds several production steps). If time is a concern, please express your needs in the comments field of the order form and we will make every attempt to oblige.

I want to give this as a gift and I'm not sure what to say on it.

Consider giving a prepaid GIFT CERTIFICATE. It lets the gift recipient get involved in the creative process of choosing color, size, decoration and wording.

I have kind of a long message I want carved on my sign.
How many letters can I fit?

Build Your Own Carved Wood SignTry our exclusive Sign Builder layout tool to help visualize how many letters can fit and what shape may look best for you.
Our plaques are geared toward short messages. Longer messages tend to fare much better on our Quarterboards. The longer your message is, the smaller the letters have to be to fit comfortably without looking cramped, plus there is a physical limitation to how small we can carve them. (We don't like to go below 2"). Adding an applique also cuts down on the available space for copy. Best to keep it brief. Two things to keep in mind - Only a specific number of characters are included in our base prices (see price list), after that we add for each additional carved character, so economics may come into play - AND - you will always be given a proof drawing before anything is carved, so if it doesn't look right to you, you can revise it.

I want something that I don't see on your site - do you take custom orders?

YES! We are in all respects a full-service, custom sign company.
This product line has been developed to streamline and simplify the ordering process, allowing us to offer a truly premium product at a lower cost. To accomplish this we have had to make some restrictions on the available options. If the selections on this site don't quite fit your exact needs, please go to the
About Us page to learn more about our parent company The Modern Woodwright and our full capabilities.

How will I hang my new sign?

All our signs ship with mounting instructions and all necessary hardware. For installations on wood or vinyl siding you will only need a hand screw driver. Installations on brick or stucco will require a power drill.

Do you ever run sales or promotions?

YES AGAIN! We are very committed to getting our signs in front of the eyes, and into the hands of good folks far and wide. We retain a full time web marketing consultant who's motto is "I like sales". Expect to see a variety of special offers and incentives made throughout the year, offered through contests and newsletters. Sign up for our SPECIAL OFFERS newsletter now so you don't miss anything.

How do these hold up outside, and what can I do to maintain it?

To ensure longest service life, we add an automotive grade hardener to our alkyd paints that will enhance adhesion, gloss and color retention. Still, these signs are made of wood and paint just like your house. Depending on your climate and exposure, we've had signs start to show some age in as little as three years, and others that still look new after ten years. Some fading or oxidation of the paint surface is normal over time. There's not a whole lot you can do other than attempt to clean it (annually), wiping gently with mild soap and water. Avoid placing it where it will be pounded by sprinklers - especially where ground water rust is an issue. In the case of seasonal residences, by all means remove your sign for the off season. At some point maintenance is inevitable. If at any time the white primers under the paint surface start to show through it is your signal that repainting is due. This will almost always occur only along the top edge of the sign, and since all our signs use a universal black color for their borders, it's probably something most home owners can do themselves with a little sanding and a few brush strokes, using locally available paints. If that need arises, get a hold of us and we'll guide you through the process - or package it up and send back to us for a complete refurbishing at a modest cost.

What are my shipping options, and can you send overseas?

We ship primarily by DHL ground. If you need shipping specifically via UPS, or US Mail, you may request it in the "Comments" field of the order form. Shipping prices are reflected in your final price tally on the order form. Overnight and shipments to other areas will have to be quoted.

If you don't see an answer to your question here,
feel free to email us for a rapid response.


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