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Gift certificates can be made for a set dollar amount or for a specific sign, specifying a style, size and features. Either way, the gift recipient still gets to make the final choice of how their sign will look.

Use this form to purchase a Gift Certificate for a set dollar amount.. Choose whatever amount you desire and rest assured the lucky recipient will be getting a great value. If the dollar amount of the final sign ordered ends up being lower than the certificate's face value the difference will be refunded by check with the shipment.

Gift certificates are printed on heavy stock with a matching envelope, and accompanied by a color brochure and instructions for redeeming. Recipient does not have to have internet access to order their sign from us.

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To order a specific sign and have a layout print accompany your certificate, go through the standard sign ordering routine in our Store. Select all the features you think they might like, then simply indicate in the COMMENTS section at checkout "this is a GIFT CERTIFICATE sale". That will let us know to send a certificate Instead of starting a sign. 

A proof will be prepared (typically within 24 hours) and emailed for your approval. Upon acceptance of the proof, your certificate and a high resolution color inkjet print of the layout will be mailed to you for gift giving, along with instructions of how the recipient should redeem it. (a short form they fill out indicating shipping details and any changes desired). 

Once the certificate is redeemed to us, any requested changes will be addressed with a new layout for their review. Actual production of the sign will start only after we receive the recipient's final approval. This redundant approval process ensures all parties are fully satisfied.

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