23k Gold Leaf

Interesting stuff, gold. The world's most maleable metal. 1 cubic inch of pure 24k gold can be hammered out thin enough to cover an entire football field. (4,500 square feet!).

Adding gold leaf to your sign involves fully preparing the letters with all the same coats of primer and paint that we use on ungilded surfaces. Then a special "size" coat is applied with a soft brush. Gold size is similar to a very slow-drying clear varnish. Between 24 and 72 hours after applying, the size remains in a slightly tacky state. That's when the 3"x3" loose sheets of gold leaf are carefully picked up using the static charge of a gilder's tip (the wide, natural bristle brush in the picture above), laid onto the size, and lightly tapped in. After all sized surfaces are covered with leaf it is gently spread into any tight corners with another soft brush and eventually burnished to it's final high lustre, then wiped with a dampened cotton ball which removes any left over flakes of the loose gold.

The final gild is the most attractive and durable finish possible, far outlasting any paint. Consider adding this classic treatment to your new sign.

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